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Carnduff Dash For Cash Rules & Regulations


It is your responsibility to read and understand the rules , any questions regarding the rules and regulations please contact Torie Boyes or Brittany Martin.




Our Event


Carnduff Dash For Cash is a non sanctioned event with no membership required . This event is open to men and woman of all ages.


The Rules

1. The event will be held July 21-23th 2023 in Carnduff Sk.

Open Fees $145

Youth Fees $85

PeeWee Fees $15 ( capped at 30 )


2. Western attire is required

⁃ long sleeve shirt/cuffed shirt, jeans, boots, cowboy hat or helmet


3. Your name will be called 3 times to enter the arena before you are disqualified


4. We will rake after every 5 riders, big rake every 50 - rake schedule will be posted near the area


5. If a barrel is knocked it will result in a no time


6. If a horse falls there is no re run


7. This event will be timed with an electric eye , in the result of a malfunction the person will be granted a re run at event coordinators & rider agreed upon time, if rider is unable to decide it will be at the end of the draw


8. If the barrel is miss placed on the marker a re run will be granted at the committees discretion


9. All riders must compete in a forward motion, A broken pattern will result in a no time. Please exit the arena at that time


10. No circling in the arena before your run 11.Arena will be run in / run out


The Race

1.Entries Open July 1st and close July 8th at 9pm


2. Late entries- extra $20 accepted until July 14th 8pm


3. Selling spots accepted until July 17th 8pm


4. There is NO riding in the area at any time


5. The arena is only open Friday for time slots



6. There will be no open arena riding time


7. Start time is 8am Saturday. Run order will be Open/Youth/Peewee


8. Start time is 8am Sunday. Run order will be Open/Youth/Peewee


9. There are no refunds for entries or vet outs


10.Open is a 4D format 1/2, 1/2, FULL


11.Youth is a 3D format


12. No carrying over times from youth to open, you will run in each division you are entered in


13. Every Peewee will receive a prize. CAPPED AT 30


14.Futurity Horse is 5 years and under that have never

competed prior to November 15th


10. Derby Horses are 7 and under


11. Open is for any man or woman who want to compete


12. Youth is for any man or woman 16 and under


13. Peewee is for any child 8 and under


14. Select is for any man or woman 50 and over



1. Photos are included in your entry fees


2. All runs will be photographed Saturday and Sunday


3. A minimum of 8 photos per run


4. All photos will be available on the posted website within a 1 week ⁃


5. All photos will be available for 1 year after the event


Conduct and Behaviour

1. Verbal and physical abuse will not be tolerated. Any of this towards fellow competitors , committee members and photographer will result in a disqualification


2. Any animal abuse will result in a disqualification and no refund in fees

Payout and Awards

Prizes and payout will be presented roughly 30 minutes after last competition run


1. ***Must be in attendance to accept your prize***

Will roll to the next if you are not there, UNLESS you have spoken to us and made arrangements for a special circumstance, not just because you want to go home early.


2. No prizes will be mailed out. In the case that you have made arrangements in regards to the rule above, shipping will be at the cost of the contestant.


3. In the case of a tie , the decision will be made by a coin flip


4. Prizes are based on average


5. Payout will be 40% Day 1, 40% Day 2 and 20% Average


****Western Attire is MANDATORY*****

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